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I’m 19 and a half

Recent notes.

Haven’t updated in awhile.

I started PT AFROTC again this week. It’s rough waking up early, especially because the workouts are not what I would consider complimentary to powerlifting, but you gotta do what you gotta do. I’m bumped up from two sessions to three a week though, so that will be interesting.

PLing is still going great. Started a peaking/intense cycle this week, so it’s an interesting change from the typical volume I have been doing.

In nutrition news, I have kinda inadverdantly started giving up wheat and gluten and so far so good. I feel like I’m getting a bit leaner, and once I get used to this extra training I’m sure my strength levels will be relatively unaffected. Non-processed carbs definitely seem to be winners for me, as potatos have been my staple so far.

We will see how it all goes I guess. More updates to come as updates are needed.

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I want to quit ROTC and powerlift full time. Fuck running.

Ordered some bands from elitefts.

I probably won’t use them for awhile now, but the sale was just too sexy to resist (2 pro minis, 2 monster minis, and 2 lights for $49!).

Come at me, pre-calc. I ain’t scurred of you.

First workout of my next cycle.

Whatever that is. I haven’t touched base with my Coach yet because of the holidays, so I went on ahead and reset my percentages for another volume block.

It feels good when my 75% squat is 305 (3x8 today). Throwing it around like a warm up.

It feels bad when my deadlift working weight is only twenty pounds more for 3x4 :(

Mark my words, that bastard will go UP this cycle.


I’ve always thought that staying in the 198s would be best, and for my Wilks that is true. However, the records in the 220s are lower in Florida.

The 220s would probably be more natural for me (I’m 6’2”) and my strength levels would keep going up.

My only problem is that the Air Force has specific height/weight standards. The heaviest I can be within standards is 214. The double bummer is that if I’m over 200 at all, they kinda bitch at me.

I can request to have my waist and neck taped to get a body fat measurement (which would surely pass below 20%), but I have heard that just by virtue of being “out of regs”, it can be bad for your career and future job selections.

It’s an awkward situation.